miércoles, julio 18, 2007

Harry Potter conoce a You Tube

Dan Saltzstein, colaborador invitado del blog Screens del New York Times cuenta sobre la pottermania que ocurre en You Tube. Pero en especial se enfoca en vídeos de teatro de marionetas (guignol) sobre la saga mágica. Copio:

Potter Puppet Pals
The Potter Puppet Pals

"Giant Cultural Phenomenon Harry Potter, meet Giant Cultural Phenomenon YouTube. A Harry Potter search on YouTube yields some gems, and a lot of other stuff.

You’ll find some of the obvious culprits: “Brokeback” mashups, “American Idol” spoofs, artful parodies by the English comedy duo French & Saunders (for British “Comic Relief,” no less – which, btw, is still going strong), the inevitable (but funny) “Lazy Sunday”-esque rap and, of course, lots and lots of trailers.

But Potter is big enough to inspire crazier – and, in some cases, stunningly funny – items (even for those of us who’ve never been sucked in by the Potter Gravitational Pull). Leading the way is Potter Puppet Pals, a creation that combine elements of “South Park,” Punch and Judy and Gumby-esque silliness.

The P.P.P. vids have huge numbers on YouTube (fueled in part by an appearance on Daily Reel), solid appeal for grown-ups with a somewhat offbeat sense of humor and a strong tween fan base....

The world we live in: Live-action recreations of Web-video puppet performances based on … a book!

Neil Cicierega is the man behind the Potter Puppet madness. After he does his last parody, will he cry in his kitchen like Harry Potter’s original creation reportedly did?"

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