martes, julio 14, 2009

La recesión se convierte en Depresión, y las costuras del mundo se desgarran

Uno gran blog está haciendo la crónica de la Gran Depresión del siglo XXI, y un hombre está detrás de ese esfuerzo: John Robb. El hizo esta lista de algunos de los hechos más recientes de como el sistema mundial de gobernabilidad se está poco a poco poniendo a prueba, no por terroristas islámicos o narcos mexicanos, sino hasta por ciudadanos que buscan democracia en Irán y obreros que quieren empleo en Francia. Copio:

GG LINKS: Mid-July 2009

Some items of interest:

  • The La Familia "mini-cartel" launched a series of hit and run commando attacks on Mexican military/police positions in Michoacan (to protest the arrest of a founder). The 10 hour spree, replete with assault rifles and grenades, left five dead and a dozen wounded.
  • Naxiliate global guerrillas (nominally marxist) killed 27 police in India.
  • Old Russian tech. Mobile nuclear power plants.
  • MEND: "The plague of sabotage descended heavily on major Shell and Agip crude trunk lines in Bayelsa state."
  • GGs in Canada. EnCana natural gas pipelines under attack. The Royal Canadian Mounted police, unable to find the individuals/groups launching the attacks, are getting aggressive. Pics of blast sites.
  • Militia hacking group broadcasts their message against exploit disclosure by hacking an image hosting service. One method of modern broadcasting is to turn all the links of a image hosting service into links to your image (although, in this case the image was lame).
  • Something Awful vs. Sarah Palin. Pwn pics of Trig. Hacking politics is going to be a participatory sport.
  • Teen media habits. Right on.
  • Preventing another Mumbai, pg. 4 (Sullivan and Elkus). Highlights: Need for a police "operational art" vs. tactical focus. VoIP command and control node (via NJ VoIP provider, Vonage?) for Mumbai attackers. The use of swarm "pulsing" -- rapidly changing point of attack -- to confuse police.
  • Crashing Tehran's electricity grid.
  • Cyber attack? The US government, Stratfor and others are hyperventilating, claiming it to be the work of the North Korean Government. Essentially, there is a 50,000 PC botnet (using old software) in Asia doing the DDoS attacks against US and S Korean websites. This is most definitely something a single individual could pull off (old thinking: only a government could do this... new thinking: superempowered individuals are more than capable). The government/consultant cyberwar crowd can't seem to move beyond the state vs. state vision of cyberwarfare (not sure how you fix this mindset, it's so pervasive with those over 40 -- exactly the same guys about to spend tens of billions of a cyberwar boondoggle).
  • Egypt: al Qaeda cell of 26 engineers and technicians were arrested in conjunction with a planned attack on the Suez canal and a major oil pipeline. Again, searching for global systempunkts.
  • Jeff Vail might want to spend some time on Cyberwarfare -- given his talent at writing about global guerrillas in Nigeria.
  • French car workers threaten to blow up plant.

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