sábado, diciembre 29, 2007

Paquistán se suicida

El suicidio de un país, eso sucede en Paquistán ahora. Los fanatismos etnico, religioso y político se fusionan acabando con el país. ¿Podrá este círculo de caos parar pronto? Copio de Global Guerrillas:

JOURNAL: System Disruption in Pakistan

The assassination of Bhutto (a critical social systempunkt that rose in importance due to the evaporation of the Pakistani government's legitimacy) has plunge the country into chaos. Ethnic tensions are on the rise and critical infrastructure has been been sabotaged. The train system has been particularly hard hit -- trains burned, track destroyed, bridges burned -- such that major sections of it will be closed for a month (once repairs begin). 200 bank branches were looted and factories were torched. There are widespread shortages of gasoline, water, and food mostly due to a nationwide shutdown (a combo of strikes, fear, and a three days of mourning). Road transportation is very dangerous due to local rioters (mostly in Karachi). Paramilitary Sindh Rangers have been given "shoot to kill" orders against protesters in Karachi.

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