jueves, diciembre 04, 2008

¿Realmente creen que el NYT es un diario liberal?

Piensénlo de nuevo: nunca reportó que la Administración Bush realizara tortura, más bien eran "técnicas agresivas de interrogatorio". Si George Orwell viera esto... Y también es interesante observar como el diario llama a quienes criticaron el posible nombramiento (como director de la CIA) por Obama de un hombre que nunca criticó la tortura que hacía la agencia en prisiones clandestinas fuera de Estados Unidos. Copio del blog de Andrew Sullivan:

"As I discovered in studying the [NYT's] reporting over a period of year, when a neighbor plays his stereo too loudly in the apartment next door, that is “torture.” But when a man is stripped of his clothing, chained to the floor in a short-shackle position, subjected to sleep deprivation and alternating cold and heat, and left to writhe in his own feces and urine—that, in the world of the Times, is just an “enhanced interrogation technique.” Shane and Mazzetti do us one better in this piece. Figures who criticize torture and Brennan’s fitness to be DCI are, we learn, the “left wing of the Democratic Party.” That’s a remarkable characterization for a group that is led by retired generals and admirals, as well as many of the nation’s most prominent religious leaders..."

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