jueves, marzo 16, 2006

La BBC examina la sed de la Ciudad de México

Hoy empieza el Cuarto Foro Mundial del Agua en la capital de México. Y la BBC observa la sede, y su creciente sed. Un fragmento:

People wait for the lorry to deliver water in Mexico City
Many in the city have just one hour of running water per week
With a population of more than 20 million people, and dwindling water supplies, the Mexican capital is a stark example of the severe water supply issues facing many of the world's rapidly-developing mega cities.

The parched ground crunches beneath your feet as you walk through the Texcoco area on the outskirts of the city. The bleached, cracked terrain stretches out in all directions. Nothing can grow here.

It is very difficult to imagine, that just 70 years ago, this area was filled with water. This was one of five lakes that used to enrich the Mexico City valley.

Today, in a prime example of what more than a century of water mismanagement can do, they have all but disappeared.

Porfavor, lean el resto.

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