martes, marzo 04, 2008

Británicos estudiaron astrología de Hitler

Una interesante noticia aparece hoy en la BBC News. Woow, cuanto aún nos falta saber de lo que ocurrió en la Segunda Guerra Mundial.

British 'studied' Hitler's stars

Ludwig de Wohl
Ludwig von Wohl was recruited by British intelligence chiefs

British intelligence chiefs tried to guess Hitler's plans by studying his horoscope, according to files released by the National Archives.

Hungarian Ludwig von Wohl persuaded senior intelligence figures that he could replicate the forecasts of the Nazi leader's personal astrologer.

He claimed that if London knew what advice Hitler, born on 20 April, was getting, they would know his next move.

But the security service MI5 had warned that von Wohl was a "charlatan".

American tour

Von Wohl, who was also known as Louis de Wohl, was a controversial figure.

Although he was dismissed as a buffoon and a scoundrel by some of the military people he met, others suggested that he was extremely astute, with a keen insight into the thinking of leading Nazis.

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