martes, marzo 18, 2008

Buenos Aires Fénix

Estuve en ella ya hace tiempo, y no la olvido. La bella capital de Argentina renace de sus cenizas, y lo hace como ella solo sabe. Y los talentos creativos de todo el mundo lo están notando, y es que vale la pena: buen vino, un buen clima, deliciosa comida, libros, gente guapa, arquitectura, museos, una gran vida nocturna... y todo barato. Copio de lo que reporta el New York Times:

"Drawn by the city’s cheap prices and Paris-like elegance, legions of foreign artists are colonizing Buenos Aires and transforming this sprawling metropolis into a throbbing hothouse of cool. Musicians, designers, artists, writers and filmmakers are sinking their teeth into the city’s transcontinental mix of Latin élan and European polish, and are helping shake the Argentine capital out of its cultural malaise after a humbling economic crisis earlier this decade.

Video directors are scouting tango ballrooms for English-speaking actors. Wine-soaked gallery openings and behemoth gay discos are keeping the city’s insomniacs up till sunrise. And artists from the United States, England, Italy and beyond are snapping up town houses in scruffy neighborhoods and giving the areas Anglo-ized names like Palermo SoHo and Palermo Hollywood..."

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