domingo, abril 26, 2009

La ultraderecha americana contra Obama por su política contra la epidemia de influenza

Es increíble como su argumento se fundamenta en teorías de conspiración para criticar al presidente Obama para proteger la salud de Estados Unidos ante la epidemia de influenza porcina. Se creen con más autoridad que epidemiólogos, y lo más inaudito, quieren hasta quitarle fondos al CDC. El fundamentalismo religioso critiano de ellos disfrazado de política. Afortunadamente ganó Obama, y afortunadamente él es un hombre que cree en la evidencia empírica que da poder a la ciencia, y no en el dogma irracional del fundamentalismo religioso. Y claro todo esto aderezado con un poco de racismo anti mexicano. Copio de TPM:

The GOP chimes in on the White House's reaction to the swine flu outbreak

Forgive me if this is too subtle. It's hard to be over-the-top when parodying the right anymore.

The Republican party chimes in on the White House's reaction to the swine flu outbreak:

Rep. Michelle Bachmann: "I'm concerned that this president is using the reports of a few isolated cases of swine flu in some other country to justify rounding up U.S. citizens and herding them into concentraion camps under the guise of forced innoculations against this disease. There's no reason for people in this country to be afraid of a disease that only infects pigs. The fact that the CDC is hyping this as some sort of a public health menace underscores the danger in allowing that organization to exist. The Republican party wanted to de-fund the CDC, but Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid blocked us from doing that. I strongly encourage the American people to arm themselves to the teeth, not with weapons of course but with information that my office will provide, to fend off any attempts by this president to use this insignificant health matter as an excuse for taking away all of their freedoms."

Glenn Beck: "Am I mistaken or is Swine Flu one of the plagues that the ancient Egyptians used against the Jews? Could this be just one of several plagues that the Pharaoh Obama will unleash against the American people? I..I..fear for my country. I......don't want to see MY country......consumed by the pestilence of this president's Islamo-fascist communist Muslim agenda and the diseases that it will unleash."

Rush Limbaugh: "Here it is, folks. The nanny government is going to move in and tell you that you have to go get shots with dangerous vaccines against some made-up disease. 'Swine flu? Swine flu?' That was something that Jimmy Carter made up back in the 70s to try to distract everyone from his foreign policy disasters and blowing up the economy. There's no such thing, folks. It's a joke. And, even if there was, if you choose to live in a place where some disease from Mexico can come into your neighborhood and infect you and your family, you only have yourself to blame for it. For anyone that dumb, I say 'tough luck.' You should have known better. Stop looking for the government to save you from yourself."

Sen. Mitch McConnell: "I'm not sure we need to be spending money on disease prevention right now when we've got a massive deficit. Spending taxpayer dollars to stop some Mexican disease is going to put a heavy burden on our children and grandchildren for decades to come. This is not the right time to be throwing money at a minor health problem. America has the best health care system in the world and I have faith that it can easily handle a few cases of the flu. If anything, we should be taking a careful look at this and dealing with it in Congress in a bi-partisan manner. There's much to discuss and I welcome that discussion with all of the members of both houses of Congress in the coming months. But, there's a lot on the congressional agenda right now and it will have to wait until more important issues have been cleared from our plate."

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