sábado, abril 25, 2009

Recursos para comprender la epidemia de influenza

Chris Anderson, de TED, ha compilado varios recursos interesantes para comprender la epidemia de influenza porcina:

7 resources for monitoring the swine flu epidemic

It's not clear yet how scared we should be. The H1N1 flu looks unlikely to be contained now. However, flu spreads globally every year. The key question is how deadly this one turns out to be. So far, It appears, it is sometimes deadly in Mexico, mild in US, and something of a mystery as to why the difference. If the deadlier form spreads, there's possibility of a nightmare scenario, although the world has a lot more knowledge and a lot more resources than ever before to fight pandemics.

• For breaking news on Twitter. Follow @breakingnews

• The relevant pages on the official websites are:
World Health Organization (WHO) here
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) here
• Spectacular display of how media are reporting global health events (you can adjust for different locations, languages) (via @vasantk)

Google map of cases maintained by biomedical researcher 'Niman'

Timeline of the outbreak.

• A fine public health blog Effect Measure
• ...and finally if the news starts to get better you should be able to pick it up with this twitter search.

Yo agregaría:

- Seguir en Twitter a Veratect.
- Consultar esta guía de la ONU: www.onu-influenza.org

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