viernes, enero 09, 2004

Castro restringe aún más el uso de internet a los cubanos

Una nota publicada hoy por Wired News alerta del creciente control del uso de la red en Cuba.

"HAVANA -- Cuba is tightening its control over the Internet, prohibiting Internet access over the low-cost government phone service most ordinary citizens have at home under a new law announced Friday.

The move could affect hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Cubans who access the Internet without authorization from their homes, using computers and Internet accounts that have been borrowed or purchased on the black market for as much as $50 for 80 hours per month."

"Most Cubans do not have authorized access to the Wide World Web, although many can access international e-mail and a more limited government-controlled intranet at government jobs and schools.

Some physicians and key government officials are among the few Cubans authorized to use the Internet from home. According to the new law, those Cubans authorized to use the Internet must now seek additional approval to use the service on the nation's regular phone service, which is charged in Cuban pesos.

The decree, passed late last year, states that Internet service, already heavily controlled by the communist government, can be used only with a more expensive telephone service charged in U.S. dollars. The dollar service is prohibited to most Cubans and is typically used by foreign firms and individuals."

Imaginénse que tengan que pedirle permiso al gobierno para entrar a la red....
Y así quiere Castro llevar a su Cuba al futuro.

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