jueves, enero 15, 2004

Crisis en la iglesia católica: la negación

Un excelente artículo publicado en The Atlantic por el Padre Andrew Greeley, de la Arquidiócesis de Chicago, y profesor de sociología en la universidad de la misma ciudad. Un fragmento:

"Priests as a group are simply not in touch with the laity. In the 2002 Los Angeles Times study only thirty-six of 1,854 priests identified clericalism as one of the major problems facing the Church's laity. Astonishingly, only forty-seven priests thought the sex-abuse scandals worth mentioning. For some reason, priests of all generations are unable or unwilling to see the clergy as responsible for the departure of disaffected laypersons—a problem that today plagues the U.S. Church. [y México también]

To explain the laity's dissatisfaction with the Church, priests from all generations tend to trot out the usual litany: individualism, materialism, secularism, lack of faith, lack of prayer, lack of commitment, media bias, hedonism, sexual freedom, feminism, family breakdown, lack of education, and apathy. The advantage of such explanations is that they free priests from any personal responsibility and put the blame on factors over which the clergy cannot be expected to exercise much control. The rectory thus becomes an isolated citadel battered by cultural forces, which encourages precisely the sort of closed, band-of-brothers mentality that the Vatican II reforms were designed to break down."

Ojalá la jerarquía pudiera ser más humilde y acercar más sus oídos a los fieles que al dinero y al poder.

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