jueves, septiembre 06, 2007

Andrew Sullivan por fin se casó, con Aaron Tone


Andrew Sullivan, uno de los intelectuales más reconocidos de Estados Unidos se casó hace unos días en Massachusetts, eso no sería noticia, si no fuera por que se casó con su pareja de hace muchos años, el pintor Aaron Tone. Esto cobra mayor relevancia a partir de que Sullivan ha sido desde hace 20 años el mayor impulsor del matrimonio para todos, incluidas claro, las parejas del mismo sexo. El amor fortalecer al matrimonio, sea de quien sea, afirma él, y el Estado no es nadie para decir qué amor es más o menos legitimo entre ciudadanos libres. Derechos iguales para ciudadanos iguales es el mensaje político de fondo.

En español Sullivan tiene un gran libro sobre ciudadanía y homosexualidad, Prácticamente normal (Alba Editorial, Barcelona, 1999). Y claro, su blog es uno de los más visitados de la red: www.andrewsullivan.com

Dos de sus lectores le mandaron estos correos:

Gay Marriage, Straight Marriage

06 Sep 2007 08:54 am

A reader writes:

I remember discussing the gay marriage issue with a friend in 2004 when many states, including my home state of Utah, were rolling out amendments preventing marriage equality. My friend, who had been married for a year at the time, pulled out the old Christianist saw defending the amendment, claiming that the sanctity of marriage must be defended.

I asked him how allowing two people to marry each other would affect his marriage. He said something along the lines that just knowing that anyone could get married made his marriage less special somehow. Of course he couldn't explain why. At the time, I argued that there was no way a gay wedding could have no impact on my own hypothetical wedding.

Now, however, having been married for 9 months to a wonderful woman, I've been surprised to realize my bigoted friend was right: gay marriage actually does affect mine. But not, however, in the negative way he thought it would.

Seeing the pictures of your wedding - so obviously filled with love and happiness - reminded me of the joy I felt on my wedding day. I remember being overwhelmed - in a good way - by the notion that I was choosing to spend the rest of my life with someone I loved dearly, and that all of our closest friends and relatives were with us simply to share that joy with us. Knowing that two people who love each other and are committed to each other can be married, regardless of gender, and experience the joy, strength and companionship I've experienced in my own marriage, makes my marriage all the more sacred to me.

Another writes:

I am 31 and have been with my partner Brian for three and a half years. I'm going to relish the day I get to have pictures such as these taken during a ceremony for marriage in California. Thanks for keeping the dream living on.

Viva los novios, y felicidades a los felices nuevos casados.

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