lunes, agosto 04, 2008

Atletas Olímpicos y su desnuda ambición por triunfo

Chistoso, hoy tenemos muchas noticias inglesas, pero valen la pena. Una marca de bebidas deportivas mandó sacar estas fotos para una de sus campañas, y muestra a atletas británicos al natural. Hermosas fotos, con buen gusto tomadas. Aquí solo presento a Rebecca Romero, pero los demás no tienen un musculo fuera de lugar. Me encanta que ella dice que "por lo general es una persona floja", y es la favorita para ganar el oro en los 300 metros en Beiging, en los cuales ya es campeona mundial. Copio del Daily Mail:

Muscles taut and face locked in concentration, this is Rebecca Romero, who will be representing Britain in the Olympic games later this month.

With a carefully placed arm and thigh to protect her modesty, she appears to be in perfect physical condition ahead of what will be a gruelling race in Beijing.

The 28-year-old, who won a sliver medal in rowing at the 2004 Olympics in Athens, only took up cycling seriously in March 2006 after doctors recommended the sport to combat muscle fatigue she was experiencing.

Rebecca Romero

Easy rider: Rower-turned-cyclist Rebecca Romero shows off her enviable physique on her bike

After reinventing herself as one of the world's top cyclists she will now seek to make history in China as the first British woman to win Olympic medals in two separate summer sports.

Romero's previous experience of cycling consisted of working in a bike shop as a teenager.

The athlete, who modestly describes herself as 'generally a lazy person', is now favourite to win the gold medal in the 3000m individual pursuit race in which she is already world champion.

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