sábado, abril 08, 2006

Sida: ¿ha la epidemia pasado su máximo?

Petrelis Files expone:

"I just love all the fantastic HIV data coming out from various parts of the country and around the world showing declines of new infections or a lowering of previous estimates. The new stats show remarkable similarities, and reporters are writing on the political manipulations of HIV figures by experts interested in maintaining and expanding funding streams from assorted donors.

We've read the Bay Area Reporter and the Los Angeles Times stories about drops in San Francisco, and the news in the Lakeland Ledger on Florida's falling numbers, and the pieces in the Washington Post regarding India's declines and the overestimates for Africa..."

Que las buenas noticias no nos nublen la vista, existen porque se ha trabajado mucho a lo largo de 25 años.

PD. Christine Gorman elabora más en Time.

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