martes, abril 25, 2006

Viajar a Europa barato este verano

Se acerca el verano 2006, y planeas ir a Europa, pero... ¿tienes poco dinero? El NYT nos da la guía para ir a 16 ciudades europeas, y gozar de la cultura europea sin derrochar. Algunos links pueden necesitar registro para entrar, pero éste es gratuito:

Affordable Europe

Live well, spend less. It’s a nice concept — but one that’s often hard to pull off when you are an American tourist traveling through Europe and struggling to find ways to offset the weakness of the dollar. Here is some help: money-saving tips on everything from hotel rooms to cultural events from New York Times correspondents and contributors in 16 major European cities.

Amsterdam by Gisela Williams
Athens by Anthee Carassava
Barcelona by Andrew Ferren
Berlin by Richard Bernstein
Copenhagen by Seth Sherwood
Dublin by Brian Lavery
Geneva by Anne Glusker
Lisbon by Pavia Rosati
London by Heather Timmons
Madrid by Dale Fuchs
Milan by Elisabetta Povoledo
Oslo by Bruce Bawer
Paris by Elaine Sciolino
Prague by Evan Rail
Rome by Brian Wingfield
Venice by Elisabetta Povoledo

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