miércoles, mayo 23, 2007

La ciencia y la verdad

Joshua Roebke diserta en Seed, mi revista de divulgación científica favorita, sobre la verdad y la ciencia. Un fragmento:

"... truth that science lusts after straddles this boundary between the mathematical and the artistic. It is creative, elusive, and yet ingrained within the very fabric of our universe. It would exist even if we were not here to discover it or to make use of it.

Yet there are some people who doubt that science has any privileged vista onto the truth—that the spectrum of truths is open to all, and that what science achieves is in no way more rigorous than what any of us perceive. If this is correct, and those who purportedly look deepest and hardest at the fundamental questions of the universe are simply deluding themselves, what does that mean for the rest of us? Are the pursuits of artists and poets then also in vain? Science claims, through the rigor of its methods, to have some foothold on reality so perhaps the question then becomes, does truth even reside in reality? And can we prove this....."

Filosofía de la ciencia, wooow, como me gusta este tema...

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