martes, octubre 21, 2008

Inician con fuerza elecciones tempranas en algunos Estados; se observan largas filas

Para evitar aglomeraciones el preciso día de la elección general (martes 4 de noviembre) varios Estados han permtido ya votar en Estados Unidos. Y la gente parece ya muy decidida a votar, observándose filas históricas de votantes en muchos distritos electorales. Si algo parece tener la gente es prisa por votar: ¿será que ya no aguantan hasta noviembre para castigar a George W Bush? Copio del blog de Andrew Sullivan:

An Early Voting Tsunami

More reader e-mails from across the US. From Florida:

I decided to go to the Broward County African American Research Library and Community Center to cast my vote for America's first African American President. They just locked the doors and there's probably 400 people waiting in line. I've been here since 4:00 and there's probably 100 people in front of me. Everyone is saying how they'll wait in line as long as it takes.


I stood in line in Cobb County, GA for just short of two hours on October 13th. The poll workers said the shortest line they'd had so far was 45 minutes and that was back in September (Early Voting started Sept. 19th).

This is gonna be one for the history books.


I live in a very Republican county in Tennessee, just south of Nashville - voting started here on Wednesday. I went to vote today and there was a very long (well-behaved) line of people. The woman who checked my registration told me there are 120,000 registered voters in the county and as of yesterday (Thursday) 10,000 people had voted. She told me voting is way ahead of the 2004 General Election and they suspect 75% of registered voters will actually vote.

And from Houston:

I voted today. The line was almost out the door but folks were waiting in line patiently and everyone seemed to be in a very good mood. The poll workers that I spoke with said that they had worked many previous elections and had never seen a turnout like this. They said it was packed from the moment it opened. It was pretty amazing.

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