viernes, julio 11, 2008

Cinema Verité Rostizado

Ella estaba adentro de su casa, afuera caía una tormenta, tomó su cámara para grabarla, abrió la ventana, y el resto es historia, claro, grababa por el vídeo y que ahora miles ven en Flickr. El cine de terror puede ser muy real y ocurrir en solo 13 segundos... pero vivió para contarlo:

"Because you insisted, here's the unedited screaming version. I also added video from a minute before the lightning struck so you can get an idea of how hard it was raining. From what i understand, it went through my left hand holding the camera, crossed my back and exited out of my right hand holding onto the metal railing. No entry or exit wounds, as i was not directly struck, i got just a really good zap from one of the "finger arcs" that happen when lightning hits.

I will definitely think twice next time before hanging out of a second floor window taking video during a lightning storm."

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