jueves, julio 24, 2008

La mayoría de los católicos ingleses ignora a su iglesia sobre anticonceptivos

Vale decir que lo mismo sucede en México. Parece ser que los católicos son más inteligentes que su jerarquía. Es difícil hacerle caso a un grupo elitista de señores que nunca han criado hijos. Copio del Times de Londres:

A picture of a condom

More than half of practising Catholics surveyed believe the Church should revise its ban on condoms

The Vatican's teaching that bans the use of contraceptives is ignored by nearly all practising Catholics, according to a survey.

The Tablet , a weekly Catholic magazine, surveyed 1,500 Catholics from parishes across England and Wales and found that nearly half had never even heard of Humanae Vitae, the 1968 encyclical that set out the teaching.

However, most did know that the Church's official stance on contraception was that it should never be used. More than half believed that this teaching should be revised.

The survey found that half of otherwise faithful Catholics are using a range of artificial contraceptives, especially condoms and the pill. More than half of those aged 18 to 45 had lived with their partner before getting married.

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