miércoles, enero 28, 2009

Flower: hermoso juego de vídeo para relajarse

Parece que la moda zen ha llegado al mundo de los juegos de vídeo. Ya no solo se pueden pilotear autos o jugar tennis, sino que se puede jugar a ser el viento en un pradera y llevar petalos de flor a flor. ¿Cursi? Quizá, pero suena muy relajante para noches de insomnio o para días de lluvía y cuando no hay en la tele. Quizá "viajar" de esta forma se ponga de moda pronto. Flower es un juego para Playstation 3 y saldrá en Estados Unidos en febrero. Copio de Towleroad y pego un vídeo del juego hecho por un fan de este que apropiadamente le puso la canción "Gold in the Air of Summer" de los lindos Kings of Convenience:

Flower: Zen Gaming


Here's a game for the Playstation 3 that's getting some attention.

Joystiq writes: "The premise is simple. You are a gust of wind inside a flower's dream and you must carry petals to other flowers in order to progress to the end of the level. There's no time limit, no hazards, no points system and, really, no way to fail."

Flower2Dean Takahashi of VentureBeat writes: "The game is pure eye candy — I haven’t seen anything like it. Describe it in words? It’s a first-person plant game. It takes enormous computational power — all of the power of the IBM cell microprocessor and Nvidia graphics chip inside the PlayStation 3 — to render a hundred thousand individual blades of grass that sway in the wind. Through music and colorful graphics, you embark on a complex emotional journey. Flower is pure artistic inspiration at its best. It’s almost like watching an IMAX movie in a curved theater — except you get to direct which way the camera turns."

I guess it's sort of the anti-Grand Theft Auto. Ideas like this make me wish for more innovation in gaming. Sometimes the simplest games are the best (Wii tennis!). In any case, this sounds like a good treatment for stress, at least in the short term.

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