martes, mayo 06, 2008

¿Dios existe?

A veces simplemente me quedo sin palabras ante el problema del mal, y ante esta hecatombe propia del libro de Job. Copio del blog de Andrew Sullivan sobre los impactos del reciente ciclón en Burma (antes Birmania), un país donde se vive una ferrea dictadura militar de por sí. Parece como si todas las plagas de Egipto les hubieran caído a la vez:


How much can one people be forced to suffer? Mong Palatino has a round-up of Burmese bloggers on the natural disaster. Here's a collection of eyewitness accounts:

Some were killed by flying trees, some from exposure to the cold, some died when they had gathered to shelter from the storms in monasteries and they collapsed."

The sea rose by around 5 feet and swamped the town at the time of the storm, causing most of the damage and sweeping away small homes and buildings."

“There was water, rain and wind. The shore road was submerged and on the high ground the water was at knee level. The whole town was underwater. There were heavy waves all over, and water snakes. Some died from the snakes."

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