viernes, julio 27, 2007

Rem Koolhaas fascist architecture in Mexico City

Mex Files nos liga, haciendo una crónica de los rascacielos de la Ciudad de México. Hace un interesante comentario sobre el diseño de Koolhaas, sigan su liga hacia Albert Speer, el que era el arquitecto en jefe de Hitler. Y es que hasta el arte puede ser totalitario cuando abusa de los ciudadanos. Le pueden mandar sus quejas al arquitecto de la Torre Bicentenario a:

Copio de Mex Files:

Yes, there are some cool buildings in Mexico City. Torre Bicententario is NOT one of them. If it is built, the 70 story edifice will loom 1000 meters over Chapultepec Park. By the way, it’s in a neighborhood where the height restriction on buildings is 30 meters. And to build it, the historic 1948 Vladimir Kaspé house, a classic of modernist home architecture (and part of the National Patrimony) will have to be demolished. And the well-heeled neighbors have taken to the streets in protest.

And did I mention it would also be on the approach path to Benito Juarez Airport? And that it’s only a few meters from Los Pinos and that even in Mexico, it’s considered a security risk?

And — by the way — it’s fucking ugly.


Architect Rem Koolhaas says it was inspired by Chichén Itza. Bullshit. This is Albrecht Speer thinking inside the box …


Citius64 has lots to say about Torre Bicentenario… none of it good.


PD. Alfredo: The Mexico City´s Colegio de Arquitectos and Icomos Mexico demand that the Vladimir Kaspé building be not demolished.

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